Join us in helping others! 

Come Volunteer!

You can easily walk in! If you have just one hour a week to help us tutor we would greatly appreciate it.  if everyone with a high school diploma would help someone else get on, what a great world this would be. You can help someone better themselves for their future. We at Laclede Literacy Council are helping people of Leclede County, because we can!

 About our services. 

All of our services are provided by volunteers. You can become a volunteer and help someone else reach their dreams. All materials provided Training required to ensure you are successful All questions can be answered daily at the office To sign up today Call 417-532-6697 Email [email protected] 

Tutor Training

Tutor training for online learning and zoom lessons will be held September 12 at 10 AM. Training will cover the use of Zoom
and our three online teaching formats.