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"Later isn't better"
    By Carey Donaho

     I agree later isn't better, because the most common problem will be a late start which would result in a late release. Late start would reduce time for sports practice, would be less family time, and less time for homework. It would cause less time to be spent with family, and it would cause a late supper.
   Students who have a job would arrive at work late and finish work later, which would feed their sleep deprivation cycle. They would have  to do their homework after extracurricular activities and work. Late night use of computers that emit blue light will suppress melatonin production in teens, which is important because our body produces melatonin to help us sleep better.
    In addition, beginning the school day earlier rather than later it will prepare then for adult employment. Teens have to practice the routines of the work force to be fully prepared for the world. It helps with time management skills, because they are required to get up early. They would also make use of the full day. It would help teens be more motivated, and have more confidence to prepare for life. It would be good for teens who have jobs, because they would have to get up to work early and finish early which would give them more time to spend with family and or friends and more time for homework.
    Family who depend on the older children to provide child care for the younger siblings, would find the younger children with no supervision. It would give them more time with the family and they would have more time for sports practice. If they keep the regular time of release it would be good because they wouldn't have a late supper and it would give them more time to do homework and study.
    In conclusion a normal start time rather than later would be more beneficial to students. Changing the start time would cause less time for homework, jobs, and extracurricular. It would also be damaging to family time, time spent with friends, and for a healthy lifestyle. 

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"Are late start school starts bad or good."
By Zach Coleman

            I believe that late start school schedules are bad because if schools start late then they will have a late release time. Late starts could affect a lot of students because of these late release times. If the younger siblings school gets off at the same time as usually, and they don't have a late release time, they will get home before the older siblings.Therefore the younger siblings will be left outside if they don't have a key to get in the house. It could be cold, or raining and the younger siblings could get sick or hypothermia while waiting for their older siblings to get home.When younger children are left outside unattended than kidnapping becomes more of a problem. Now say the younger siblings had a key to get in the house then there will be a lot of things they could get into and hurt themselves, while waiting on the older sibling to get home. Students who play sports after school will have less time to practice, and the school will be forced to make some tough decisions on which sports to get rid of. The school will be forced to get rid of the lesser sports like tennis, golf, and swimming, to make time for the more active sports to get enough time to practice. If the school has a late release time then students will have to make a tough decision on whether to stay and take a test or miss the test to go and practice or to go and play a game. If the students miss a test then they will be failing that class or all of their classes to go and play in a game, and if the students stay to take the test they will miss the game or practice and if they miss a certain amount of practice or games then the couch will have to make a tough decision on whether to keep then on thee team or not, and if the teams best player stays to take his or hers test then the couch will be forced to remove them from the team, which that team will not be the same team without the best players. If the school has a later start in the day then the students will not be prepared for the real world and a job because the school had a later release. If students have a job after school and their school has a late release time then they will be but on the night shift. If they are a real good worker at their job and their school has a late release time then their boss will have to make a hard decision on whether or not to keep them on the job or if they will have to fire them because the school has a later start time and the students couldn't get off till late. If a student is farming or ranches then they will have less time to get done what they need to do for that day. Because the school had a late start in which they had a late release. So the students who farm or ranch they will have to make a decision on whether or not to stay home and farm or ranch or go to school to get an education. If the students who farm or ranch dont go to school because they have a later release time the DFS or the state will be out there to see why they weren't at school because they had to choose between school or the livelihood. So therefore late starts in school is bad for students because of life skills, After school sports, and farming or ranching kids.   

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