September 2021 newsletter
Dr Carol Barsby, Director
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Upcoming Events
Enrolling students daily
SAFHR application help all month Every Thursday Meals on Wheels Delivery Sept 11 National Service Day September 21 Board Meeting September 21 Ozarks Food Harvest food distribution
November 16 Graduation
Welcome our new and returning AmeriCorps members.

Dorothy Carter, Reina Godinez, Jadelynn Marquez, Janice Tejeda Laura Valenti. Returning members include Misty Warren returns for a third year of service and Careen Barsby, Daisy Burkart, Dalton Whittle, and Paula Hamm return for their second year of service. Thanks for all you do for the community and the Literacy Council!

Neighborhood Assistance Program Tax Credits

Due to the generosity of the state of Missouri, we have been given 68,000 of tax credit each year for the next three years. This means that a company or business can donate to the Literacy Council and 70% of that donation can be taken as a tax credit. Please think of the Literacy Council as you begin to make your year-end donations this year.

SAFHR application

The State of Missouri still has rental assistance money available for those affected by COVID. As our 9/11 Day of Service will be offering to help adults fill out those applications throughout the month of September. If you or someone you know needs help filling out those forms, have them contact the Council at (417) 532- 6697.

Computer Donations

We are accepting donations of used laptops or tablets that can be loaned to adults who do not have access and want to continue their studies. Call Carol today to set up your donation.

Stay Calm and Get things Done, AmeriCorps On!

July Board Meeting July board meeting was held at the library at the Catholic Church. It was a working board meeting, and many items were discussed. Bake sale was postponed one more year in response to the rise of the Delta Variant. AmeriCorps Grant was accepted by the board at +$100,000 again this year. This is the 5th year of the AmeriCorps grant and we have had great success for both members and students. It was decided that we would move our end of fiscal year from July 31 to December 31. This creates year 2021 as a six-month year. The board also discussed the granting of the NAP tax credit offered to the Council.

Our next board meeting will be held on September 21, 2021. September Board Meeting The September board meeting will be held on September 21 at the library at the Catholic Church Family Center. On the Agenda is the Dollar General Grant, Lebanon Area Foundation Grant, approval of a Walmart grant, approval of the Wish You Well Grant. Other topics will include a discussion of new board members nominations, The NAP tax credit roll out, winter fund raisers, and the 2023 AmeriCorps Grant and Elevate Lebanon.

Christmas Float

A float will be created for the Lebanon Christmas Parade. The holidays are here already!!

Boo Bash We will participate in the Halloween Boo Bash in October!

HiSet testing in town HiSet testing is now available here at the Literacy Council. A student can now test at the Literacy Council here in Lebanon. We have the ability for one person to test a time, this has been well received. The test is monitored by an outside company who proctors exams across the country. Test takers who have a PC or Apple tabletop can apply to take the test in their home as well. This computer must be in a private room where a door that can be closed during testing. A proctor will be using your camera to monitor your testing sessions. Speakers and a microphone are required. If you have access to this type of equipment and want to test online at-home, please contact Carol for details at 417-532-6697.

National Day of Service AmeriCorps promotes 9/11 as a day of service instead of a day off. 


April and May Newsletter
Dr. Carol Barsby, Director
Phone (417) 532-6697
539 East Elm Suite A
[email protected]

Upcoming Events

May 4-7 Regional Conference
May 18th Graduation and board meeting
May 21-22 Joplin AmeriCorps Event
May 26-28 Art show to benefit Literacy Council
May 31- June 1 closed Memorial Day
 Board Meeting

Board Meeting is scheduled for the 18th of May at 5:30 PM. This month we will meet at the Boswell Park weather permitting, If it is raining we will meet at the family center at the Catholic Church with graduation to follow. Agenda will include funding needs and volunteers.

Board Members include Father Miller Cricket Staggs Linda Andersen Tina Thibedeau Sabra Warren Patty Staggs Sue Stephens Rosalie Klein Carl Cummings

Graduation May 18 is the Big Day

24 graduates will be honored. This is the first graduation in a year and we are so excited to help them celebrate their accomplishments. These students have passed all five exams: reading, writing, math, social studies, and science. They will each receive a certificate and be honored by Mr. Michael Bartig and Cricket Staggs.
We will have the opportunity to hear from Alumni of AmeriCorps, Alumni of Literacy Council and Mr. Bartig.

Just a few of our graduates!! (See below)

Proliteracy Grants
We have been blessed with a mobile learning Lab grant from Proliteracy. This $5000.00 grant allows us to continue with our online learning programs for another year. Thanks Proliteracy!! 

May 26, 2021

For a Limited Time Only Anna Hough