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70% Tax Credits Available in Lebanon

Happy Holidays, hope this finds each and everyone of you healthy, happy, and ready for a great year. If you are beginning to think about Income taxes and you have a stream of business income. You are in luck. You can spend your Missouri income tax dollars right here in town, rather than sending it to Jefferson City. You can purchase tax credits from the Laclede Literacy Council and keep your funds in our community. For example, if you owe the State of Missouri $1000.00 than you can give up to 70% ($700.00) to the Laclede Literacy Council and only send $300 to the state of Missouri. Why support the Literacy Council? In the last two years, over 100 HiSET degrees have been conferred to local citizens; over 70 adults who have been unable to read before, have learned to read; over 500 adults have attended adult education classes of one sort or another. If each one of us has a hand in helping to educate a fellow citizen, then what a better community would all live in today. Your tax credits will purchase books and materials for use by students and tutors. Your tax credits will allow the Literacy Council to remain a part of the National Career Readiness Council and provide the employment benefits of that adult literacy program. You will also be providing for online access to materials for student use to increase virtual learning. If you have further questions, please call 417 532 6697 and ask for Carol. Sincerely, Carol E Barsby Ed.D. Executive Director Laclede Literacy Council explain your call to action or hide this element by clicking the option on the right panel

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